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Controlling As A Mother And Juggling Work And Home, Alia Bhatt


In a recent interview, Alia Bhatt said that she may be a bit of a “control freak” and loves to keep everything under control, but having a kid makes it more challenging. Raha, a girl, was born to Alia Bhatt and her actor husband Ranbir Kapoor last November.

Alia told Vogue of her delicate juggling act: “I'm not putting too much pressure on Raha or myself to be together as a family unit with Ranbir all the time. I'm so amazed with how well-behaved and quiet she is for just being five months old. She also has the right to have terrible days since she is a baby, so on the days that she isn't, that's okay too. In a similar vein, I have the right to have good days and bad days as a mother, even if it's really hard for me to not always have it together since I'm such a control freak. I always strive for excellence and am typically well-prepared. I suppose that my enthusiasm for my profession is what keeps me grounded.

When Alia leaves Raha to go to work, she claims to have mother's guilt and to be under pressure to succeed as both a parent and an actress.

“It does give me anxiety to question if I am treating my child and my job fairly. Women are under enormous pressure to excel in both…It's almost like the old-school belief that if you don't sacrifice your profession after having children, you won't be a model mother. It's necessary for new moms to take time off work to recover their bearings, and it's as critical for businesses and sectors to provide them that time rather than disregarding them, the expert added.

“I often wonder what other people are contemplating. Do they really believe I'm doing a good job of managing, or are they just saying that to appease me? Even if there is no criticism, you are quite hard on yourself. But I put a lot of effort into maintaining my mental health; I discuss my anxieties in weekly therapy sessions. And it helps me realise that this is a process that is always expanding and growing, not something I will be able to figure out on day one, five, or even ten. You have to be able to pick yourself back up every day and start again. No such thing as, “Oh I've got everything together… I'm handling it quite well. I know all the solutions. Nobody has all the solutions, Bhatt concluded.

In terms of her professional career, Alia Bhatt most recently appeared in Brahmastra with her real-life lover, Ranbir Kapoor. She is currently anticipating the debut of Ranveer Singh's co-star in Gully Boy, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, a family-friendly comedy directed by Karan Johar.


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