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Asian International University (AIU) in Manipur is certainly a reputable institution that focuses on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among its students.


Asian International University (AIU), Manipur, stands at the forefront of innovative education, blending tradition with modernity to cultivate well-rounded global citizens. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, AIU continues to break new ground in academia, research, and community engagement. Asian International University was established under Act 05 of 2021 by the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur State on the 20th day of February 2021. With a sprawling campus in the lush environs of Manipur, AIU offers a wide range of academic programmes spanning various disciplines, catering to diverse interests and career aspirations of students.

Accreditations from prominent bodies such as the University Grants Commission,Bar Council of India, and the Pharmacy Council of India further validate the quality and credibility of AIU’s programs from diploma to doctoral studies, AIU provides a comprehensive education across multiple fields.

AIU provides free education to all meritorious students and economically weaker sections. As one of the leading institutions in the region, AIU takes pride in its diverse and inclusive environment, fostering intellectual curiosity and cultural exchange. The university’s dynamic faculty comprises esteemed scholars and industry experts dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.

A top university in Imphal, Manipur, that would be at the forefront of creating and disseminating knowledge, Asian International University aims to train and develop researchers and teachers globally in a wide range of areas in Engineering and Technology, Applied Sciences, Commerce and Management, Law, Pharmacy, Arts & Social Science, Paramedical Sciences, Agriculture Science, Library & Information Science, Animation and Design, Journalism & Mass Communication, Naturopathy & Yoga Science, Physical Education, etc.

Asian International University maintains strong academic standards and promotes a supportive learning environment, which has a significant impact on Manipur’s education system. Students in Manipur have easier access to higher education because of AIU, which provides a wide choice of flexible learning alternatives and programs. AIU aims to bridge the quality and quantity of higher education gaps in north-eastern India.

Our Vice-Chancellor can see the university’s future and is capable of formulating and carrying out plans to get there. He encourages and inspires teachers, staff, and students to strive for a shared goal.

By giving teachers and students the tools and chance to do research, AIU also promotes innovation and research in Manipur. This results in the creation of solutions for regional problems and advances knowledge across a variety of domains. The mission of AIU is to cultivate a community of lifelong learners who possess critical thinking, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, as well as the ability to create an atmosphere that is conducive to exploration, invention, dialogue, and expression.

The Asian International University campus hosts a wide variety of exceptional facilities to create an environment where you can shape your future. We give massive importance to our facilities and learning resources and continuously ensure that our staff and students have full access to everything they need to help them succeed in their work and study.

The presence of a dedicated anti-ragging team underscores AIU’s commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for its students, both on and off campus. Overall, AIU emerges as a dynamic institution with a broad spectrum of academic offerings, emphasising sustainability, quality education, and diversity in disciplines, making it a compelling choice for students seeking a holistic and enriching educational experience in Manipur.

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